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【blog】英語版の『Novi Sad 2022』「Cooks in Residence」 Report を掲載しました

【blog】英語版の "Novi Sad 2022" 'Cooks in Residence' Report を掲載しました

リクエストをいただき、先日投稿した "Novi Sad 2022" 'Cooks in Residence'の記事を英語に翻訳しました。


   "I still remember when I found your profile in the box." The words of Vladica, the organizer of "Cooks in Residence," took my breath away. It was a few days after I arrived at Novi Sad, the second largest city in the Republic of Serbia. "Wow! What did I write on it?” 

  As I recall, my memories, ears can catch up with the fast English of Europeans, but not my mouth. I left behind that question I should have asked him under what circumstances he found it and what part of that profile was so impressive. If I get a chance to see Vladica again, I'll ask him. 

 "Cooks in Residence" is the chef's version of Artist-in-Residence. Chefs invited by Novi Sad developed the menu during our stay. What impressed me in my interactions with the local people was the power of Japanese food. Many Serbs who visit Japan describe “DASHI” as a memory of the scent. Of course, "SUSHI" is the language of the world. I brought a new sushi recipe for this occasion. I found some sushi restaurants in Novi Sad and found that the image of "SUSHI" was slightly different from ours. So, I gave up because it was difficult to complete the applicable sushi menu in one week with locally sourced ingredients. Meanwhile, local chef Dušan said tempura was on the menu. With TERIYAKI written in romaji and recipes with hand-drawn illustrations on the names of Japan ingredients, we were able to communicate instantly.



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Photo: Vladimir Veličković